My Story

Hello!  My name is Julie and I became a Scentsy Consultant in August of 2011.  I am married and have a daughter, and I am also a Realtor with Century 21 Affiliated.  My family is the light of my life!  I decided to become a Scentsy Consultant for a couple of reasons.  The first reason was that I was totally in love with the products!  Each scent is better than the next and the warmers are beautifully made along with being very fashionable.  I was amazed and how wonderful my house could smell, and also amazed that the scents did not seem to affect my children's asthma, when I was doing child care in my home.  A lot of candles or even plug in's can affect asthma, causing breathing difficulty, but not Scentsy!  I was also delighted by the quality of the products.  Our home was hit by an F2 tornado in May of 2011.  Our porch took the brunt of the damage, with most of our items on our porch being destroyed and strewn around the neighborhood.  I had a warmer on the porch during the tornado and to my amazement, there was barely a scratch on it!  It was quite dirty from the flying debris, but I clicked the switch and it lit right up!  To give you an idea, all four windows were blown out, framing and all, and even the hardware was sucked out of the screen door!  So, I can definitely verify that Scentsy makes a strong product!  Another reason I became a consultant was for the new adventure and additional income earning potential.  I didn't feel that I could just sell anything for extra income.  The product had to be something I used regularly and that I believed in.  I found both of these and more in Scentsy!  I also found a personal growth and friendships I never thought I could.  I absolutely love who I have become all thanks to Scentsy!  I love to inspire people, to help them on their Scentsy journey, wether it's to buy the right product, host the perfect party, or to start their own personal journey.  I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me!  And, I hope you enjoy all of your Scentsy products as much as I enjoy mine!  Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have, any issues I can help you with, or any dates you would like to book a party.  If you are thinking of becoming a Scentsy consultant, I would love to help you take that leap!  Our team is amazing and growing everyday!  I am definitely always here to help you on your Scentsy journey!  =)   <!--endbody-->